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Silk Pillowcase: 3 Reasons To Switch From Cotton To Silk

The Silk Treatment - Premium, Luxurious Silk Pillowcases

Here's the truth: everybody needs a silk pillowcase. Yes, especially you! The benefits of a silk pillowcase are incredible and sleeping on silk is truly a luxurious experience. At the end of the day, laying your head on buttery soft, velvety smooth silk is the ultimate way to treat yourself. On top of that, silk pillowcases really are a skin treatment, hair treatment, and sleep treatment all in one and you deserve to be pampered even in your sleep.   

1. Silk pillowcases are a skin treatment

Did you know that humans spend 1/3rd of their lives (about 2500 hours per year) on a pillow? A cotton pillowcase tends to pull, grip, and tug on skin which can contribute to sleep wrinkles. When you're spending this much time on a pillow, sleep wrinkles can essentially be ‘ironed in’ to your skin over time. Silk, however, is incredibly smooth and allows your skin to glide across the pillow. Gliding reduces friction which then reduces pressure, pulling, creasing, and wrinkles. Talk about anti-aging!

Also, did you know that cotton is extremely absorbent and cotton pillowcases literally suck the moisture (and your nightly serums and creams) from your skin’s surface? The smooth fibers of silk help your skin retain its moisture and keep your skin care products on your face. The result is hydrated, fresh, and glowing skin.

2. Silk pillowcases are a hair treatment

When you toss and turn on a cotton pillowcase, your hair is tugged, snagged, knotted, and dragged leaving you with dull hair, breakage, and a tangled flat mess in the morning. Probably not the best way to start the day. Silk fabric is gentle on hair and its slippery smooth texture allows your hair to slide along the pillow with less friction. Less friction means less frizz, damage, and tangles. 

Also, silk pillowcases help preserve your blowout or hairstyle from the previous day making your mornings a whole lot smoother and less chaotic.

3. Silk pillowcases are a sleep treatment


On a cotton pillow there are MILLIONS of tiny bugs called dust mites. These dust mites feed off human skin flakes and then when these little critters poop in your pillow, it can cause allergies. Luckily, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mites find a silk environment unlivable. If you're waking up sneezing, with watery or itchy eyes, or a runny nose then a silk pillowcase might just be what you need!

Naturally Cooling

Are you a pillow flipper? A pillow flipper is someone who is constantly flipping the pillow to the cooler side. Due to the 100% pure mulberry silk fabric and its ability to regulate body temperature, you and your pillow will always be cool and comfortable encouraging more rejuvenating and quality sleep.

It's time for you to make the switch from cotton to silk. At The Silk Treatment, our premium silk pillowcases are 100% pure mulberry silk, Grade 6A (highest grade), and 22 momme. They're so good that each pillowcase comes with a free silk travel bag so you never have to sleep without your silk. Go ahead, pamper yourself!