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Our Story

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

So, why am I so hyped up on silk? I'll tell you! For years, I slept on a regular cotton pillowcase like everyone else. I received my first silk pillowcase as a gift (thanks mom!) and immediately loved how silky smooth it was and how fancy it made me feel. It wasn't until I went on vacation and slept on a regular cotton pillowcase again did I realize how completely transformative my silk pillowcase was.

On that vacation, my skin was dry and flaky, my hair was flat and tangled, and the pillowcase was scratchy and unexciting. When I returned home to my own silk pillowcase, I was shocked at how much more moisturized my skin was, more full and voluminous my hair was, and how much better I felt in the mornings.

It might sound silly, but waking up with hydrated skin and healthier hair has given me an extra boost of confidence and empowerment in myself. Silk pillowcases are kind of like that sexy dress you wear that makes you feel unstoppable. When I wake up in the mornings with glowing skin and good hair, I feel unstoppable!

Also, my silk pillowcase has actually made it possible for me to 'get up and go' in the mornings and as a busy wife and mama with little time to get ready (but still wants to feel cute)..that's huge! 

And that's how The Silk Treatment was born. Silk pillowcases truly are a skin treatment, hair treatment, and sleep treatment. More importantly, they make me FEEL like a million bucks.

I hope I can help other people feel unstoppable and experience all the benefits of sleeping on silk. 

White Silk Pillowcase | The Silk Treatment